Self Defense Weapons - Should Keep Them With You

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It is a natural phenomenon to react, if any force attacks you. Every human being wants to secure it from harms. The self defence is one of the major issues when we talk about safety and protection. Especially when it's about urban areas, crime rate is increasing day by day and everyone is much worried about the security of his life and his loved ones. It is not fair to depend wholly on the police of the locality, as police cannot be there for you all the time. You have to be conscious on you own.

There are many ways to keep you alert and ready to react for any mishap. One of the easy ways to make sure your protection is the self-defense weapon. There are different self-defense weapons acceptable in different states. You can use the one, which is authorized in your locality. Lets discuss some of the common and easy to carry weapons for self defense.

Mental Acceptance _ An Important Weapon

In my opinion the most important weapon you should have is the mental acceptance. From mental acceptance I mean self-realization that what you are? What you can do? for the situation you are going through. Most of the time people get so scared and do not even remember that they have a self-defense weapon with them. So being ready for any mishap and having confidence in oneself is the biggest weapon, if you got that you do not even need any other weapon as you will find some way or the other to take you out of that situation.

Stun Gun _One Of The Best Weapon

Stun gun is considered to be one of the best self-defense weapons. It is a small machine with discharges electric current. It can easily be carried anywhere you are going. Especially ladies can keep it in their handbags. This machine defuses electric supply to the body and the body gets numb for about few minutes. The current slows down the muscular movement and the person is not able to move for a very short period of time. By applying it on the attacker you can easily get enough time to get rid of the place you get victim. The best part is that it does not cause any permanent damage to the body.

Pepper Spray _ Effective Weapon

Pepper spray is also one of the fine weapons you can easily carry with you. This spray is extracts taken from the pepper plant and is helpful for you to irritate the attacker. You have to spray it directly onto his face. It will cause breathing difficulty, burning on the skin, nose and eyes and swallowing of eyes and he will not be able to see. This discomfort will be unbearable for the attacker and you will get an opportunity to run away. Martial arts and special training of self-defense are also some other weapons you can apply. But make sure that you are trained enough for these weapons.
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Self Defense Weapons - Should Keep Them With You

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This article was published on 2010/10/07