Did Kim Jong Il Shut Down All Of His Nuclear Weapons Facilities?

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Apparently the US State Department has made a huge breakthrough with North Korea, as Kim Jong Il, the debonair dictator and superstar has made a calculated negotiation deal. It seems he has negotiated an awesome deal for his country in trade for giving up the Nuclear Weapons trade.

Still, it is my contention that and I believe that Kim Jong Il wants to be in the "Weapons Business" as he finds that a lucrative endeavor. Sure it is. Who would buy from him? Any rogue nation who is angry at the Western World. And since North Korea has few allies, including their trading partners - Japan, China, and South Korea all of which they owe money too he is in a hurtful place and has nothing to lose by holding out for ransom. He has played his hand marvelously and negotiated brilliantly. Remind me not to play poker with Kim Jon Il.

How does the US benefit? Well, Japan of course, which is a trading partner with the US, will wish to buy missile defense tools from us this helps us collect some money back from the huge trade deficit there. Japan or the US cannot be sure that all the nuclear weapons facilities are closed, but it appears they are; still Japan is too close to take such risks.

The meetings with Iran, watching the test firings in North Korea are of interest and perhaps the US can cut off that connection in this deal. The Satellite phone calls with Hugo Chavez are a little unnerving, but of course China is flying North Korea's satellite communications too. China would like that territory for expansion and half of Russia, parts of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc., so North Korea has another chance at heading off the Chinese long-term, long-range plans there.

South Korea, wants stable relations with North Korea, but will that ever happen with Kim Jong Il in power and he looks like a young man with lots of energy, but do not kid yourself he is a veteran of geo-politics and a decisive negotiator, he is a very intelligent man? Some say that Kim Jong Il has no intention of shutting down the nuclear weapons manufacturing and maybe so, but he is doing just what he needs to get a free pass and make a strong deal for his nation.

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Did Kim Jong Il Shut Down All Of His Nuclear Weapons Facilities?

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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