Characteristics Of A Responsible Weapon Owner

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If you decide to buy a gun for the family's protection against thieves, you are one of the many American citizens who possess firearms. Those who possess the legal means to have guns have to be dependable because most people know that keeping a weapon inside your home is often a risk. On top of the trait of responsibility, what other qualities should a responsible firearm owner have?

Qualities of a Dependable Gun Owner

Careful - The ideal gun owner knows precisely where his firearm is, if it's loaded or not, and if it's well secured from curious people that might wish to experiment with with it. He has firearm cabinets inside his home and in his place of business, and he hardly ever shows off his firearm unless there's a desperate need to do so. He is willing to invest so much of money just to make his house safer for individuals who might get injured if he were to leave his weapon lying around.

A responsible firearm owner prepares for contingencies. Most weapon owners keep their bullets in fire proof safes so that they don't have to worry about the welfare of everybody in the house should there be a fire or an identical incident.

Meticulous - He's very precise about gun details, even the trivial ones. This means he can clean his own weapon correctly without needing the expertise of a gunsmith, and he knows exactly when to take his firearm to a smith or an person who is licensed to deal with firearms. He knows better than to mess with his gun's specifications when he is less than trained to do so.

Law Abiding - A reliable firearm owner follows the law and it never occurs to him to move against it. He's careful to abide by the policies governing weapon specifications and usage in sport and self defense. He is willing and able to attend seminars and conferences on dependable firearm ownership. He's a supporter of diverse agencies that teach weapon owners the best way to correctly keep their weapons at home, especially if there are very young children around.

Honorable - He is not a loose cannon and everybody around him trusts him to keep his emotions in check all of the time. A weapon owner should always show behavior that will put him in a good light. No sane person will trust a neighbor who is known to be armed and still does things that compromise the safety of others (like coming home intoxicated, or shooting his firearm at random).

A gun owner should never do anything that could threaten the peace in a neighborhood, especially when it is known that he has a firearm license and keeps his firearms inside his home.

Well-Prepared - It takes a lot of training to keep and make use of a weapon, specifically for sporting causes. A dependable gun owner finds a way to get all the necessary skills to be able to deal with a perilous weapon. He doesn't force himself to handle a firearm if he knows he doesn't have the appropriate skills.
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Characteristics Of A Responsible Weapon Owner

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This article was published on 2010/09/27
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